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Work with me

Individual coaching session 

This is like a one-off day solo trip inwards with guidance!

This is a 1:1 pay-as-you-go session where you bring the area(s) that you would like to work on. This can be related to self-love, mindset, your journey of self-discovery, exploration and emotional+soulful healing. You can choose to continue to work on individual sessions basis or you can switch to a package program.

Inner Adventure

This is a 3-month solo trip inwards with a guide!

Inner Adventure is a three-month 1:1 bespoke coaching plan.  With private coaching, you take the lead on what you would like to work on and focus on areas of life you feel need most attention on for each session and decide what you want to achieve from each individual session.

More info here!


A solo trip inwards with a guide & others on a similar journey to you!

This is a 12-week intensive coaching program for those who want to break free from conditioning, transform their mindset, heal and transform old patterns that have kept them from embracing their true inner-Self.

Coming soon! 

More info here!

Note: This is NOT a free coaching call. This is an opportunity to see if we are a fit for each other and discuss working together, and we only go ahead if we both have a connection. 

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