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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Coaching? Please check the following FAQs or feel free here to get in touch for any questions that haven’t been answered.

Information for specific programs are under the relevant pages.

  • What is a difference between a Life Coach and Therapist?
    Life coaches help clients discover their full potential. Coaching is a partnership where a coach supports clients on a journey of self-discovery client facilitating their own change and therefore is a personalised approach. Therapists are healthcare professionals that diagnose and treat dysfunction and abnormality and helps the patient return to their cognitive and emotional baseline. They focus on a person’s past and try to diagnose emotional issues that are rooted in previous experience. Life coaches focus more on self-empowerment and on positive personal potential.
  • Why have a Life coach?
    A Life coach sees what you don’t see within yourself. Coaches act as a guide to self-discovery, to deeply help clients understand themselves in all areas of life and therefore helping them discover their best selves. Identify blocks, challenges, and opportunities Provide external perspective Shows you tools & techniques, teaches strategies, and provide guidance on your journey Accelerate growth and progress Cultivate motivation through accountability, expertise, communication & support throughout Your biggest cheerleader :D
  • Is it a safe space?
    I provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for you to explore - nothing is off limits! Any and all areas that hold you back from achieving your wildest dreams! The space I provide allows you to tune into what truly matters to you – It allows to you to explore and go inwards to find your own answers!
  • Will coaching work for me?
    It absolutely will! I will personally be your guide to discovering your potential and becoming your best self. All you have to do is to want it enough and to take action on things to move forward, break the old cycles, which might seem scary and challenging to start with but when you push past this it is so rewarding and you will start to see the results - You get back what you put in, the more you give you all, the better the results, plus I’ve got your back throughout this process! “When you allow to ask for help and receive support, magical things happen.”
  • I am nervous to invest the money so not sure if I want to go ahead?
    It’s totally normal to feel scared before investing - a lot of the time we have to take certain leaps of faith to change our current situation (I have walked this talk myself). When you sign up to work with a coach it solidifies the commitment to yourself - you make a dedication to show up fully - and there is so much power in this commitment that you start skipping timelines and creates the fastest path to your transformation. All in all, when you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities will open up for you, and it creates a ripple effect, not only in your life but in the life of those around you.
  • Still thinking ‘I’ll sign up when…’? But you feel some intuitive nudge, prompting a change in your life?
    I’ll sign up when I have more time, I’ll sign up another time, I’m going to try out more self-help books or resources then sign up (yes I’ve walked this talk too), I’ll sign up when…. If you are still here reading this then your intuition is telling you to take action on the changes you want to make in your life and your soul knows you need support, tools & techniques, and guidance on your journey of transformation.
  • What if I want to keep working with you after the program finishes?
    If you’ve done one of the packaged coaching programs and you would like more individual sessions to work in more depth you can buy you will have a discount to buy future sessions. Some people prefer to buy packages of sessions to work on specific topics, other find it more useful to have a follow-up monthly session…We can assess the best way to keep working together when the program finishes.
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