Being led by Hana in a forest bathing session brought a slow and gentle relaxation to my entire being. The opportunity to connect with others in community while experiencing nature in all of its nuance and beauty was made even sweeter by Hana’s particular gifts as a guide. Her warm and playful energy combined with her knowledge of the practice set the perfect balance of structure and spontaneity that brought me into a session of deep inner exploration. As a repeat client of Hana’s I have now added a forest bathing practice to my regular wellness routine and will definitely be back for more!
— Jennie, Holistic Educator
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I think everyone should do a forest walk at least once in their lifetime. This experience has opened my awareness to the true beauty of nature, which I often overlook, or at least not go as deeply into. This experience is great for anyone seeking true connection to others, to nature, and to life itself. If you are thinking about doing it, I would say 100% it is worth it. So grateful and happy I came!
— Anifer, Yoga Instructor
What a treat! I just had the most amazing experience in nature right here in SF!! Hana is a wonderful guide, who really helped me to drop into the present moment at the very beginning of the walk. This led to a slower pace, which created an open and aware state of mind that allowed me to notice things in the forest that normally I might have walked right by and missed. I highly recommend a Forest Bathing Walk with Hana!
— Kristin
I really appreciated Hana’s very gentle and direct facilitation of the group. I saw her slowly weaving the group both together and more deeply into their own personal connection with nature. Having multiple “forests” and multiple talk circles seemed to make it work and the tea ceremony at the end was a great ending. Thanks for making it special. I personally did some deep soul recovery in the redwoods … how great is that!
— Penni, Flower Essences and Journeywork Practitioner
As Hana guided us to focus on our senses, I heard the birds singing, felt the wind breeze over me gently, took deep inhalations of the glorious eucalyptus trees, and gazed with a newfound fascination of the greenery all around; I was transported to the present. The walk was a welcome realization that we all should slow down and take in the beauty of nature that we are so fortunate to be surrounded by. Life is stressful, and busy, and passes much too quickly. Take a walk in the woods with Hana, for you will find renewal in nature and a lovely lady guiding you through.
— Lynne, Small Business Owner
What a delightful, refreshing, special experience. More than a mere walk in the woods. Rather, it’s a gently guided journey to an inner place of calm. Surely Hana receives similar praise from every participant, but this comes from a typically cynical journalist, so I hope that gives it extra oomph!

— Angela, Journalist



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