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About Me

“When we are willing to risk venturing into the wilderness, and even becoming our own wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most.” - Brene Brown

Ever felt like you are just living life through the motions and unconsciously?

That’s how I lived for a huge part of my life!

As much as always being a happy-go-lucky person and having a really positive outlook on life, for a huge part of it I felt unsure of myself. I lived an unconscious disempowered life and conformed to societal norms. 


Diving into the “good-nice girl” syndrome…I’ve had a good share of my life being a people pleaser, and with no personal healthy boundaries that led to the unknowing inner conflict of saying ‘yes’ when I’ve wanted to say ‘no’ resulting in giving my personal power away, which also prevented me from moving forward and stepping up into my purpose and my true self, and so the search was still external until my spiritual awakening began.


My spiritual awakening was a call to shift all this; a journey of coming home to myself, to transform my life, and along with my spiritual journey, it is where my personal growth and development journey also began.

I still don’t have it all figured but that was never the goal – the goal is to continue to be on the self-growth journey and always be an explorer of life, and take others on this journey!

I truly believe my own journey of self-discovery has brought me to this moment where I can help others transform their mindset, break free of limiting beliefs+societal conditioning, and regain their self-worth+confidence so that they can freely live in alignment with+embrace their inner Wild Self and their full potential.

I am a guide in your journey of coming home to YOU…to shedding off layers that aren’t you and awakening to who YOU really are…to letting go of who you “should” be and become whoever YOU want to be…to letting go of living life unconsciously and live a life by design...the one that YOU design!

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